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Area A Bldg. 109

  Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Honor Guard

Welcome to the Wright-Patterson AFB Honor Guard. We hope you find everything you need. If not, please feel free to contact us at DSN 787-8964 or commercial (937) 257-8964.

Honor Guard Mission

     The Wright-Patterson AFB Honor Guard provides military funeral honors for active duty members, retirees, and veterans who served honorably in the Air Force within our 6-state 210,000 square mile area of responsibility. 

Detail Sizes

    Deceased Air Force / Army Air Core funeral detail size:
Active Duty/Reservist & Air National Guard on active orders: 20 member detail (full military honors)
Retired AF or AAC/Traditional Reservist: 2 member detail (folding of the flag, playing of “Taps”, and presentation to the NOK) ***If manning is available then a firing party will be provided*** Please call after 2:00pm the day prior to the funeral if you wish to confirm detail size.
Veteran: 2 member detail (folding of the flag, playing of “Taps”, and presentation to the NOK)
Colors Team / Postings: will have a minimum of 4 members

Geographic Area

     The Wright-Patterson AFB Honor Guard serves all of Ohio, the lower peninsula of Michigan, and areas of Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Please click here for a complete listing of coverage.

To Schedule The Honor Guard

     Funeral honors requests can be e-mailed to the Flight Support office or faxed to DSN 986-3994 or commercial (937) 656-3994.  Color Guard requests should be submitted online using the link below. Please be sure to include the following information in all requests:  Type of ceremony, Type of honors requested, Time & date of ceremony, Who is hosting the ceremony, Any other pertinent information regarding the ceremony, A POC with a good phone number.  The Flight Support personnel will contact you to confirm receipt of your request. 

Please call 937-257-8964 to schedule Honor Guard Services

     Please understand that funeral honors take precedence over all other Honor Guard activities.  There is always a chance that non-funeral requests will be denied or cancelled if the Honor Guard becomes overtasked with funeral ceremonies.

Request Forms and Information:
WPAFB Honor Guard Request Form
National Personnel Records Center (request a DD214) please allow 4-5 days for processing
National Archives Emergency Request
Flyover Request for Military Funeral
Flag Folding Script

Effective 9 Jul 2007 postings for retirements and promotions must meet the following criteria.
Promotions:  Person being honored must be promoted to the grade of Chief Master Sergeant  for enlisted or Colonel for officers, and SES for civilians.
Retirements:  Person being honored must be in the grade of Chief Master Sergeant for enlisted or Colonel for officers and SES for civilians.

Please feel free to contact us for alternative resources if your event does not meet these requirements.


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