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FAX: 937-656-4385
Prairies Youth Center
156 Spinning Road, Bldg. 6933,
Dayton Ohio 45433

  Family Child Care  

What is Family Child Care?
Family Child Care offers developmentally appropriate child care in licensed homes on or within a designated radius of Wright Patterson AFB for children ages 2 weeks through 12 years. A variety of care is available including drop-in, shift work, TDY care, special needs, night and weekends, in addition to hourly and monthly care. The individual family care provider sets fees.

Did you know?
According to our Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34-276, Family Child Care:

•  Any individuals caring for other families' children a total of more than 10 hours a week on a regular basis must be licensed to provide care in on-base quarters.
•  The family child care coordinator, accompanied by the flight chief, services commander, or security forces, will make an unannounced visit to individuals who are suspected of providing care on a regular basis who are not licensed.
•  The mission support group commander may revoke the housing privileges of individuals who provide child care but refuse to become licensed.


Tips when selecting a provider
The relationship between Provider and Parent should be viewed as a business, with your most precious asset involved.
• Ask to see the home and don’t be afraid to ask questions that concern you.
• Read the contract thoroughly. If there is something in the contract that you disagree with, discuss with the Provider. Make sure all changes are in writing. If they are not willing to make compromises, decide whether you can live with the decision and if you cannot, find another provider that better fits your needs.
• If you see something in a home that make you uncom­fortable about leaving your child in that home, please call the FCC Coordinator. Our goal is to ensure that all homes provide quality care.
• Visit the home during child care hours. Are the children playing happily? Are they clean? Are the children doing the activities that are posted on the schedule?
• It is a requirement of the program that a signed contract between the provider and the parent is accomplished prior to care being provided. The contract will include hours of operation, fees, payment schedule, provider’s and child’s vacation, sick leave and absences, responsi­bility for alternate care, and termination policy.


Specialty Programs:

The extended duty family child care program
Offers additional child care services when they are needed due to mission-related responsibilities. You may be eligible if you are required to work beyond the 40-hour work week and are already purchasing 50 hours of child care. At least one parent must be a member of the U.S. military service, active duty, reserve or guard member on active duty; dual employed (married to civilian); DoD civilian employee, or DoD contractor. Interested parents must contact the FCC Coordinator for information on qualifications and required paperwork. Parent must provide written verification of need from their supervisors. Fees are waived until further notice. For further information, call the FCC at (937)656-4385.

Returning Home Care program now available for returning deployed members
• Available to Active Duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members returning from deployment of 30 days or more in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
• Free childcare available to help members returning from deployment.
• Limited to 16 hours per child for children 12 and under.
• Must be used within 30 days of return from deployment.
For additional information, please contact the Family Child Care at (937)656-4385.

Family Child Care for PCS
All Air Force personnel that PCS in or out of WPAFB are eligible for 20 free hours of child care per child within 60 days of their arrival/departure. Members need to take a copy of their orders to the Airman and Family Readiness Center Relocation Staff located in Bldg 2. Here the staff will give the member a certificate for the free 20 hours to use toward Child Care fees.  For further information you can contact the Airman and Family Readiness is at (937)257-1147 or DSN 787-1147.


The WPAFB Family Child Care Office is currently recruiting new providers. Prospective providers are trained, screened and approved by applicable agencies. A panel meets to approve or disapprove applicants. All classes are free and are held in the Family Child Care Office, bldg. 6933. Persons who are interested in becoming licensed providers should call the WPAFB Family Child Care Office at (937)656-4385

What is a provider?
It is someone who opens their heart and their home to another child or children. A provider is someone who wears a variety of hats. At any given time they might be a messenger, keeping parents informed of their child's daily activities or events. They might be a teacher, referee, counselor, nutritionist, business person or most important that special someone to love and nurture the child in need. Providers set their own business hours, but may provide care to children who’s parents work swing shifts or evening shifts, or to children who have special needs.

The advantages of becoming a family child care provider:
*Work out of your home
*Set your own hours
*Set your own rate of pay
*Receive free training

*Reimbursements for needs through USDA
*Receive free equipment/supplies from Resource Center

How to become a family child care provider:
First, you must complete a simple application, and attend an orientation class.  Training in CPR, First Aid, child guidance, health and nutrition will be provided. One training module must be completed during the orientation training.  Applicants must obtain liability insurance. Home inspections will be performed by the base fire department, safety office, military public health and family child care office. The next stage is for the family child care panel to offer their recommendation to the Mission Support Group Commander for approval or disapproval on licensing.

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