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Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri
8am to 3pm

DSN: 986-8684
Fax: 937-656-4385

  Resource & Referral Office  

Child care services are offered to eligible patrons at Wright-Patterson AFB for full-time (weekly) care, before-and-after-school care, and hourly care. All services except hourly care and special openings require a completed application and time on a placement list. Specific procedures for the Resource and Referral Program can be found in SVYC Operating Instruction 34-4.


Applying for Child Care Services:
Complete the form DD 2606 and e-mail the form to (Resource & Referral Office) or you may complete the form and fax it to the Resource & Referral Office at 937-255-6479.

All Family Member Program Flight facilities have application packages available for pick-up. Included in the package are a DD 2606, Family Day Care Referral List, and informational brochures about various child care services. Once the application is completed, the form is sent to the Resource and Referral Coordinator for processing. Inquires about the waiting list may be made by calling (937)656-8684. If any vital information is missing from the application, the coordinator will contact the applicant.


Once the application is completed and received, the current date is stamped on the 2606. This Received Date will be used in determining position on the waiting list. The placement list is divided into 2 major groups - Active and Inactive. Active clients are those who are ready to accept a slot within 2 weeks of notification. Inactive clients are those who desire care in the distant future (more than 2 weeks, but less than one year).

Within each major group, AFMC has mandated a 6-category priority system. These categories are defined as:

  1. Active Duty Military/DoD Civilians - Single parents assigned to/working at the installation
  2. Active Duty Military/DoD Civilians - Dual employed parents; assigned to/working at the installation
  3. Active Duty Military/DoD Civilians - One parent employed/assigned to the installation
  4. Active Duty Military/DoD Civilians - Not assigned to base (single, dual, or one employed parent)
  5. Reservist (If on active duty, same priority as 1, 2, and 3 assinged to installation. If not on active duty, no priority)
  6. Contractors

In addition to the priority list the waiting list is further broken down into age groups:

  1. Infant (6 weeks-12 months)
  2. Pretoddler (12-24 months)
  3. Toddler (24-36 months)
  4. Preschool (3-5 years)
  5. Schoolage (5-12 years)

As your child grows older, they will be moved from age group lists and repositioned according to priority and date of request. This may cause your number on the waiting list to change from month to month to include going up or down on the list.

You will be contacted by the Resource and Referral Office bimonthly. This to determine if any information has changed on your original application and to ensure your child care needs have not changed. The Coordinator will also be asking for validation of spouse employment, college enrollment, and other criteria that help us determine your placement in the 9 category system. The application for care (DD 2606) expires after one year and must be redone. Your Received Date will not change, however, unless you are an Inactive client. Inactive clients will be issued a new Received Date.


Child and Adult Care Food Program
Information concerning the Child and Adult Care Food Program and the Women, Infant and Child (WIC) Program

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